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I was born in Memphis, TN and grew up in a household with twelve children. After graduating from East High School, I went on to further my studies in Childhood Education as well as Biblical Studies from Bayridge Christian College, Grand Canyon University and DMIF School of Ministry.

I worked briefly as an Early Childhood Educator before becoming a Director. My love for writing started at a very young age and blossomed even more as I got older. I began writing poems and love letters to my children from the time of their birth, and I now carry that same love of writing into my passion for women empowerment.

After counseling and mentoring young women from all walks of life, I knew that these women were needing something to empower, uplift and give insight to them as women as well as the women in their lives. Out of those cries for help, “PSALMS” (Please Stop Assaulting Let's Merge Sisters) was born. After several manuscripts and some rejections later, I became a published author in 2022.

I met my husband, Earl Lacy during a very turbulent time in my life, although my PSALMS sisters were there for me, God knew I needed a greater foundation. From those encounters, a Cinderella story was born. This PSALMS man of God helped nurture this wounded PSALMS sister back to health with love and care and from there, I was given the extra push to help other women navigate through their hurt to help them on their path to their happily ever after. Since that time, my husband and I have expanded our business, which includes a childcare center and a carrier freight company. I am honored to have founded PSALMSisters Inc. and serve as the CEO. 
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